The Perfect Weekend Getaway- LIL FLEA

What is lil flea?

Lil flea is a place where creativity oozes in abundance. It was their 3rd anniversary edition and it was a power packed affair. There were over 250 pop up stores, 60 food stalls, live music, art workshops, live art and more.

It happened on the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th of April at Jio gardens BKC.


The first thing that I tried were these small lil bundles of joy coated with Nutella, dark chocolate, marsh mellows and more! It was a mixture between a donut and a waffle. The place was called PO!

Swirly and spicy in taste yet basic to the core. When I entered the food court, I saw a lot of people holding these potato sticks and I had to try them! I have to tell you that they were my favourite!

I visited chaat stories for the first time! I had heard a lot about them so I was super excited to try Bengali chaat. I had Jhal Mudi, Churmur and Ghoogni Chaat. It was absolutely delish!

I think food at lil flea looks so good and tempting! There was a lot of line at a lot of places but the wait is worth it.


If you are a shopaholic then lil flea is your place! There are so many stalls where you get home decor, funky bags, chunky jewellery and contemporary outfits.

I probably spent my entire evening at this section and it was so much fun meeting new people and talking to them about their products.

Lil flea was a huge success. It was fun visiting all those various stalls decked with variety of goods from dream catchers to wonderful summer dresses and stalls with fantastic food variety to tarot and handwriting analysis stalls.

The crowd was from small children to mature people and the energy was too high. Even though it was weekend, it seemed like the whole Mumbai had gathered there to enjoy the live band, food and shopping.

Thank You so much for reading!

Madhura Bhogale

I am jewelry designer by choice, a fashion addict by compulsion. Trying to elevate the Indian fashion scene with my own little effort, here I am with my blog.

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